Pikmin 4 Switch NSP XCI
Pikmin 4 Switch NSP XCI

Pikmin 4 Switch NSP XCI

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Download Pikmin 4 Switch NSP XCI

Pikmin 4 Switch NSP Developed by the well-known game company, Nintendo, this game offers a unique and charming adventure experience. Players will enter an exciting miniature world, where they will take on the role of Captain Olimar, an astronaut lost on a mysterious planet.

In Pikmin 4, players will find themselves on a strange and amazing planet. They will encounter strange creatures called “Pikmin,” small, colorful creatures with special powers. Players must gather Pikmin and form a team to explore the planet’s environment, overcome obstacles, and gather materials to repair Olimar’s ship and return home.

One of the interesting features of Pikmin 4 is the unique interactions between players and Pikmin. Each Pikmin has different abilities and powers, such as fire powers, flying, and swimming. Players must utilize the skills of each Pikmin to overcome challenges and face the enemies that stand in the way of Captain Olimar’s journey home.

Pikmin 4’s graphics are stunning and adorable. The planetary environments and characters are beautifully designed, providing a stunning visual experience. The cheerful and uplifting music also adds its own charm to the game, creating a fun atmosphere and inspiring the spirit of adventure.

As a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Pikmin 4 offers fun and entertaining gameplay for players of all ages. This game features challenging puzzles, clever tactics, and exciting adventures that both beginners and experienced players can enjoy.

Pikmin 4 has been eagerly awaited by fans since its initial announcement several years ago. Although an official release date has not yet been announced, fans’ hopes are growing to explore this adorable miniature world soon.

Get ready to join Captain Olimar on an enchanting adventure, bond with adorable Pikmin, and return home in Pikmin 4 on Nintendo Switch. Come on, explore this interesting world and feel the charm of the fun and challenging world of Pikmin!

Pikmin 4 Switch NSP XCI Information: 

  • Title ID: 0100E0B019974000
  • Release Date: June 21, 2023
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Strategy
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Region: [Europe, USA, Asia, Japan]
  • Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish
  • Platform : Nintendo Switch
  • Required Firmware: Base – v16.0.1 | Update – v16.0.3
  • Rom Type: .NSP/XCI


Pikmin 4 Switch NSP XCI
Pikmin 4 Switch NSP XCI
Pikmin 4 Switch NSP XCI

Download link: 

  • Size: 10GB
  • Available: Base Game and Game Update
  • Region : USA

Base NSP : (10GB)

Single Link :
Google Drive | Terabox | Pixeldrain | 1fichier

Part Link:
Part 1 3.5GB:

Google Drive | Terabox | Pixeldrain | 1fichier
Part 2 3.5GB:
Google Drive | Terabox | Pixeldrain | 1fichier
Part 3 3.2GB:
Google Drive | Terabox | Pixeldrain | 1fichier

Update v1.0.2 NSP : (243MB)

Single Link :
Google Drive | Terabox | Pixeldrain | 1fichier

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